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    For our neighborhood of clients
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    When you engage with BLOCK2150 it is like having a great neighbor close by to watch out for your home(page) when you are not there.
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    Websites, Social Media, Landing Pages, Blogs
    It's Crowded Out There
    We will work closely with you to build the right online presence and help you stand out from the crowd.


Design that is more than skin deep. It has to look good. That’s a given. And yet, we all know that beauty is only skin deep. If it looks good but somehow, still feels ‘wrong’ then it won’t engage your users or encourage them to come back.


Done right - you won’t even notice it’s there. While content and user interface design provide essential interfaces into the technology that drives web projects, the code work itself must be professionally executed to deliver seamless flow to a user’s experience.


To engage you must undergo the process of building relationships with customers that result in them becoming your brand ambassadors. With the right plan in place, your website can engage your cusomters to the extent that they then become your greatest asset.

Our Services.

All digital projects have a lifecycle. Some are quick, one-off campaigns, while others are significantly more complex and long-term. Each project needs to be carefully planned before a single line of code is created. Many need ongoing maintenance, support and optimization. Whatever your needs are, we focus on the following building blocks to help you succeed.

Strategy & Planning

Your project begins here. We can best help you when we truly understand what makes you unique.


Web copy is scanned not read. Visitors are hunting for information. Our job is to work with you to create content that will help your visitors take action.


It has to look good. But we go beyond. We work with you to create a design that engages your users on many levels.


When development is done right - you won’t even notice it’s there. Our process is personal, streamlined, and effective.


Launching your site is just the first step in what should be an ongoing process of improvements and development to your key, public facing communication platform.


Once a site is launched, attention shifts to its ongoing performance and ability to stay relevant.

Just around the block.

No matter where you are located you will always feel like we are just around the block.

Why Choose Us?

Who are we? What we do?

We do what we do, because we love who we are!

For us the Internet is easy. It always has been. For us the Internet makes sense and we can help it make sense for you. No matter what size project or how complicated it might be, our framework allows us to simplify everything.

Our motto is simple. "If you can whiteboard it, we can build it!" Really it is that simple. The logical progression of web applications is somethign that we dream of. The ability to simplify the user experience is what we live for.

The hardest part of any project is adoption. Habbit is the toughest thing in the world to change. That is why we offer a year full of service included in every contact. We know that things will change and we want to ensure that change is simple.

Application Development

95% Complete (custom) 95%

Social Engagment

88% Complete (custom) 88%

User Experience

93% Complete (custom) 93%

Mobile Readiness

89% Complete (custom) 89%


79% Complete (custom) 79%

Database Development

95% Complete (custom) 95%

Call us today for help on your next project.

BTW - tell us that you read this section of our website and we will give you a full year of free hosting on your project.

Our Work.

First impressions really do count, especially in the short attention-spanned digital age. While it has to look good and capture your attention, we believe digital projects must engage users. That takes more than just a pretty interface. You need to understand your audience and what their requirements and motivations are. Only then can you write meaningful content or build meaningful experiences, useful services or applications for them.

More Than a Company.

Our name is our address. Our office is our home. We are more than a company, we are a family. Not only that, but when you join our neighborhood of clients, we are just around the corner.


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